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ARC Geobac Group was incorporated in 1991 to provide environmental engineering and scientific consulting services. Since that time, ARC has undertaken over 600 projects in the fields of brownfield and contaminated land assessment, environmental site assessment, site characterization and investigation, water quality monitoring and assessment, property audits (Phase I, II, III, IV), risk assessment (ecological, RBCA, etc.), contaminant modelling, evaluation of remedial technologies, design and installation of remedial systems, construction supervision and monitoring and provision of expert witness consulting for contaminant hydrogeology.

ARC Geobac has become a noted company in the assessment of contaminated sites. Our ability in this field is developed from both an extensive background in remediation contracting, remedial treatment process evaluation and investigation and assessment of unusual and difficult contamination problems.

ARC Geobac personnel have extensive experience in the assessment of contaminant migration through various types of geological terrain including unconsolidated deposits, such as sand, gravel, clay and silts, and both soft bedrock (sandstone, shales) and hard bedrock (fractured granites, metamorphic and altered rocks).


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